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Counseling Session




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About Counseling

Expectation: counseling sessions not only assess, diagnose, and treat mental illnesses, they also teach clients coping skills, so they can better adjust to any changes that may occur in their lives. Schedule your session today if you are seeking help with the following:
-conquering marital problems,
-coping with parenting challenges,
-recovering from grief and loss
-healing from substance abuse and addiction,
-strengthening your faith or relationship with God
-mental health support

Your Counselor

Shepherdess Brown

Shepherdess Brown

Shepherdess Brown is not only the Pastor of Greaterworks I.O. JCC but she is also a skilled Christian counselor. Shepherdess holds many certifications, awards including an FCC license, a BA degree in Biblical Studies from the North Carolina School of Theology and she has earned  her Bachelor of science degree from Central Christian College of Kansas in Psychology. Shepherdess has over 20 years of experience providing counseling services to marginalized and underserved populations.

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